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  • Is Your Home a Fire Hazard?

    Is your home a fire hazard? Today, we’ll be sharing some not-so-obvious signs that your home could be fire-prone. Most homeowners know the importance of keeping a working smoke detector on each floor of the house. They know to pay… Read More

  • Residential Fires and Overlooked Fire Hazards

    Residential fires happen more often than you think but are entirely avoidable. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported that more than one-third of reported fires happened in residences as of October 2019. Many reports show that cooking is the… Read More

  • How Smoking Can Be A Fire Hazard

    Cooking is the #1 reason behind house fires in America, and smoking is a top-five fire hazard as well. Here we believe that fire safety and fire protection doesn’t merely apply to commercial properties. There are ways that you can… Read More

  • Top Three Dorm Room Fire Hazards and Ways That You Can Avoid Them

    Some parents fear when their children go off to college. College students are responsible for making good grades, making intelligent, adult decisions, and ultimately taking care of themselves. Colleges and universities have strict regulations about what appliances are allowed in… Read More

  • Is Your Boiler Room Free of Fire Hazards?

    The boiler room is one of the most flammable places in your residential or commercial property, and chances are that you already know that! While many people realize that boiler rooms are hot spots for fire and emergency situations, those… Read More