How Smoking Can Be A Fire Hazard

Smoking can be a fire hazard

Cooking is the #1 reason behind house fires in America, and smoking is a top-five fire hazard as well. Here we believe that fire safety and fire protection doesn’t merely apply to commercial properties. There are ways that you can make your home safer and prevent a fire hazard. Your home is valuable, and so is your life. If you smoke or you know anyone who does, then this is a must-read. Here is how smoking can be a fire hazard.

Embers Can Start Fires

When most people think of a house fire or any fire at all, they think of the flames, but neglect to think about embers. All it takes is a few cigarette embers to touch a flammable surface, and then everything can go up in flames! What this means is that you should be careful of where you throw your cigarette after you finish smoking. We always suggest that you use an ashtray, and if you are outside, you want to make sure that you stop on the cigarette thoroughly to ensure that the smoke is no longer burning.

Smoking in Bed is a Fire Hazard

Fire safety becomes compromised when smoking takes place while in bed. If someone accidentally falls asleep while smoking and the cigarette touches nearby bedding or another object, unfortunately, more than a blanket could cause the room to become warm. Bringing cigarettes into the bedroom is a fire hazard, and we suggest that it should never happen. 

Outdoor Fires Can Take Place As Well 

When you smoke outside, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can dispose of cigarettes in any manner. Because embers can cause a fire depending on what surface they touch, you should put out the cigarette away from trees or wood. 

Smoking in the Car

Smoking in a car is dangerous because a car is such a tight, enclosed space. The potential of an ember falling on a seat is risky. When smoking takes place in a vehicle, smokers sometimes flick embers all over the car. Discarding embers, in this way, makes starting a car fire easy. Therefore, it’s best practice to smoke outside of the car. 

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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