Fire Alarms

In the course of an instant, a small fire can spread and become a catastrophic event. When a fire erupts, there is a limited amount of time when it is safe for a building’s inhabitants to get out. In these events, having a system of reliable fire alarms can truly mean the difference between life and death.

When it comes to fire protection, it is important that every piece of fire safety equipment is properly installed and maintained so that you can be confident it will work when needed. You can trust the experienced team at Judd Fire Protection to create a fire alarm system that will work for the unique needs of your business or home. With more than two decades of experience in the fire protection industry, we have built a reputation for providing quality work that you can trust. We work with both commercial and residential clients throughout West Virginia, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Baltimore, Westminster, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Fire Alarm Installation

There are a range of different types of fire alarms that you may need, depending on the unique configuration of your facility. Whether you require smoke and heat detectors, pull stations, fire horns, or fire strobe lights, Judd Fire Protection can recommend and install the right system for your needs. We will also ensure that your system meets all fire safety regulations so that you remain in compliance with the National Fire Protection Agency and other Authority-Having Jurisdictions.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm and smoke monitoring adds an extra layer of protection to your fire safety plan. When a monitored alarm is activated, our team will be notified immediately. This gives us the ability to contact authorities right away in order to mitigate the damage, and then we will get in touch with our designated contact at your business to let them know of the issue. This entire process will be completed within minutes of the alarm sounding.

Fire Alarm Inspection

In order to ensure optimal performance and to comply with fire protection regulations, your fire alarm system must undergo regular inspections, maintenance, and service. In order to keep all of the elements of your alarm system in working order, it must be regularly inspected by a qualified fire protection engineer. Routine inspections of your fire alarms can also lead to a lower rate on your insurance premiums and in some cases, insurance providers will not pay out claims without proof of current inspection.

Fire Alarm Maintenance and Service

When your fire alarm system requires maintenance or repair, the experts at Judd Fire Protection will be able to address the issue promptly and efficiently. Our crews travel in a well-stocked vehicle and come prepared to get the job done. We also offer emergency services 24/7.