Thorough and regular inspections of your fire safety equipment can mean the difference between life and death in the case of an emergency. Simply having a fire safety system in place is not enough: Your equipment must be regularly inspected, serviced, and maintained in order to ensure the safety of your property, family, and employees. Not only are regular inspections important for your safety, but they are often a requirement to avoid being fined by the National Fire Protection Agency or other Authority-Having Jurisdictions.

At Judd Fire Protection, it is our mission to provide reliable protection to your property and loved ones. The technicians in our Inspection and Service department have over 65 years of combined experience and are certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies. We have an excellent reputation in our industry for providing timely and trustworthy work throughout Northern Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Westminster, and Baltimore.

Fire Alarm Inspection

When a fire alarm fails, the effects can be catastrophic. Given that your alarm system is your first defense against a residential or commercial fire, it is imperative that they are able to function when needed most. This is why routine fire alarm inspection is so important. The experts at Judd Fire Protection can offer guidance on how often your specific fire alarm system should be inspected: Contact us today to learn more.

Sprinkler System Inspection

Judd Fire Protection offers reliable service and thorough inspections for fire sprinkler systems. Studies have shown that routine inspections reduce the likelihood of malfunctions and help to guarantee that your sprinkler system will function as needed should a fire occur. We recommend that you have your sprinkler system inspected once per quarter, with a more thorough and comprehensive inspection annually. We can arrange your sprinkler system inspection to accommodate your schedule and, if your system requires service, we can generally complete that on the same day. Our crew travels in a well-stocked vehicle that often allow them to complete most jobs in one day.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

There are many reasons why a fire extinguisher might not work properly. Whether it was recently used and then never recharged or it became depressurized, a faulty fire extinguisher will do nothing to protect your employees and property if a fire breaks out. By having your fire extinguishers inspected according to an established schedule, you can rest assured that you will be prepared in the case that a fire occurs on your property.