Improper installation of fire safety equipment is not only unacceptable: It can even be life-threatening. Installation should be entrusted to trained professionals who have the expertise needed to ensure that your fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers have been implemented correctly.

The experts at Judd Fire Protection are committed to your safety and we have over 24 years of experience in installing fire safety equipment. We service clients throughout Westminster, Baltimore, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia. We can handle jobs of any size, from small residential projects to multi-million-dollar commercial fire prevention systems, and we have the know-how to get the job done right.

Estimating and Design

Our NICET-certified engineers will use their expertise and knowledge to design and coordinate your project. Using the latest version of AutoCadĀ® for design accuracy and precision, our team of experts will be able to custom-design a comprehensive fire protection plan that will offer safety and peace of mind. We accept electronic AutoCadĀ® files for your convenience and efficient estimating.

Fire Alarm Installation

A fire alarm system should be customized to your unique needs to ensure that it will be capable of alerting all inhabitants of your home or business. A large facility may require a complex network of heat detection sensors that spans numerous zones, while a smaller business may need little more than a pull station and a few smoke detectors. At Judd Fire Protection, we have the expertise needed to create the perfect customized fire alarm system for your needs.

Sprinkler System Installation

The type of sprinkler system your home or facility will require depends on a number of factors, and the experts at Judd Fire Protection can guide you in choosing the right system for your needs. With over two decades of experience in sprinkler system installation, we can supply and install any system you require, whether that be a standard wet system or a specialized pre-action sprinkler system.

Fire Extinguisher Installation

There are five different classes of fire extinguishers that are each designed to serve a different purpose. The class that your business will need depends on the type of fire that is at risk of occurring. Whether you are concerned about a metal fire, electrical fire, flammable liquid fire, grease fire, or the common combustible fire, Judd Fire Protection will be able to supply and expertly install the right fire extinguisher for the job.