Unexpected Things You Didn’t Know Were Fire Hazards


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House fires are a serious danger, and you want to ensure you and your family are being safe and eliminating any potential hazards

House fires are a serious danger, and you want to ensure you and your family are being safe and eliminating any potential hazards. To avoid some of the usual fire starters, make sure to maintain heating equipment, electrical wires, and appliances. Always be careful with candles and decorations, and it’s best to avoid smoking indoors. If all else fails, homeowners insurance can help with damage control. However, no matter what steps are taken, fires are unpredictable, and they can start in very uncommon ways. Here are a few unusual fire hazards.

Loose Outlets

When you plug something into an electrical outlet, do you notice the wire falling out easily? This is usually just a nuisance, but it sometimes can be an indication of a larger issue. For example, loose blades in an electrical outlet can generate intense heat and lead to fires. If you see your power cords are not staying securely in the outlet, you should get them replaced.

Nail Polish Remover

Acetone, the main ingredient in nail polis remover, is highly flammable. The vapors that come off of the remover can easily catch fire. Always keep nail polish remover and other flammable liquids away from open flames.

Dryer Lint

Household appliances can pose a risk to your home’s fire safety. For example, when you use your dryer, lint from your clothes collects in the lint trap. Because lint is so dehydrated, and the fibers are so fine, it quickly ignites. Dryer fires are easy to ignite and hard to extinguish and can result in an electrical fire, which is very dangerous and expensive to fix.


Sawdust is highly combustible and should not be left around the garage or in the workshop. There are many factors like electrical wiring, sparks from colliding metal objects, and chemicals during woodworking projects that can quickly ignite a sawdust pile.

Leaking Dishwasher

You probably wouldn’t expect your dishwasher to be a potential fire hazard. But if your dishwasher leaks, water could get into the heating element or electrical component it could start a fire.

9-Volt Batteries

We all have that one junk drawer that is just filled with loose batteries. However, that could be a potential fire hazard. Always dispose of your 9-volt batteries properly, do not just toss them in the drawer or garbage can. When these types of batteries touch metal, they can spark, leading to a fire in your kitchen drawer!

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