Top Three Dorm Room Fire Hazards and Ways That You Can Avoid Them

Colleges and universities have strict regulations about what appliances are allowed in dorm rooms and which aren’t so that there are no fire hazards

Some parents fear when their children go off to college. College students are responsible for making good grades, making intelligent, adult decisions, and ultimately taking care of themselves. Colleges and universities have strict regulations about what appliances are allowed in dorm rooms and which aren’t so that there are no fire hazards. If you’re in college or a parent of someone who is, then you’ll want to keep reading to find out these common fire hazards that happen in dorm rooms.

1) Left Behind Candles

One of the greatest joys for a college student is decorating their door room. Candles are one way that some students choose to decorate their room. However, college life can become so busy that students may forget to blow out their candles before leaving the room. Students may also doze off while the candle is still burning. Be mindful that you should always blow out your candles or invest in flameless candles. You’ll achieve aesthetic appeal but won’t stress over fire safety.

2) Microwaves

When a student leaves home for college, they miss out on home cooked meals. Some students aren’t able to live in an on-campus apartment until their junior or senior year. It makes sense that college students use microwaves to prepare meals. A potential fire happens when greasy food is becomes caked on or if you try or you heat aluminum silverware that you may have forgotten. Always thoroughly clean out your microwave and make sure that you double check that your microwave is empty.

3) Chargers and Overloaded Outlets

Being alive in the 21st century means that you have access to a lot of technology. Most people, and especially college students, are always connected.  Electrical outlets may be taken over by chargers, tablets, laptops, hair dryers, lamps, and much more! Using more than one power strip could cause a fire. Also, only plug in what you need at that moment and plug in your charger in places that have airflow. While it may be tempting to text next to your pillow as your phone is charging, you should try to be a fire safety role model.

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