Top Leading Causes of Attic Fires

FEMA reported that there are over 10,00 fire attics that happen each year

FEMA reported that there are over 10,00 fire attics that happen each year. Were you aware of this? This statistic is alarming.  One task of a homeowner is to invest in fire prevention. While most new residential buildings should comply with updated building codes and consist of flame-retardant materials, attic fires still occur. You may be curious as to know why? Keep reading to learn what the top causes of attic fires are and how you can find out ways to ensure fire safety within your residence.

1) Circuit Overload

When there is are electronic malfunctions within any home, it can cause a residential fire. When circuits are overloaded, and the breaker does not respond adequately, then this leads to excess current and potentially a fire. FEMA also reports that 43%, almost half of all homes have an attic fire due to electronic malfunctions. Here are some fire safety tips so that you can avoid a residential attic fire in your home based on this issue:

-Don’t plug too many cords into your outlets or extension cords

-Only use your electronics in the way that the instruction manual has described

-Hire only a licensed professional to inspect the wiring in your attic

-Always unplug devices when left unattended

2) HVAC Systems

If your home is heated traditionally with an HVAC system, then it’s vital that you get these systems checked each year to promote residential fire prevention. HVAC systems tend to build up dust, lint, and debris within the duct work or near the furnace which can lead to a potential residential fire.

3) Natural Sources

By natural sources, we mean lighting, trees that have fallen, or water seeping into the attic and coming into contact with electrical outlets and wires. It’s hard to prevent this specific kind of attic fire but what you can do is make sure that your roof is up-to-par and invest in using flame-retardant materials within your household.

The Main TakeAway

Make sure that you have an annual maintenance checkup each year to ensure that your attic isn’t a safety hazard. Cleaning to make sure that dust doesn’t build up is vital. Making sure that your HVAC systems aren’t hazardous matters as well. Finally, making sure that your electronics aren’t drawing in a lot of currents is critical as well.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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