Try Out These Fire Safety Best Practices for the New Year

judd fire protection fire safety best practices

Now is a great time to review the following fire safety best practices for the new year.

The New Year is the ideal time for self-reflection. It’s also an excellent opportunity to review our lives and consider our goals in the new calendar year. Here at Judd Fire Protection, we’d like to share some of the basics of fire safety. Now is a great time to review the following fire safety best practices for the new year.

Regularly Test Your Smoke Alarms

Do you know when the last time you tested your smoke alarms was? If you’re following your fire safety best practices, you have probably done so in 2022. It’s advisable that you test your smoke alarms at least once monthly. If you don’t hear the alarm, determine if you’ll need to replace the battery. If that doesn’t function, purchase a replacement.

Design & Review a Fire Escape Plan

We hope you never experience a commercial or residential fire, but you must always prepare for the worst. Wherever you may be in your home or business, you must have a fire escape plan in case the unthinkable happens. Fire drills often occur in commercial spaces, so why don’t you attempt one at home with your family?

Never Leave Fires Unattended

If you have any fire in your home – a lit candle, stovetop, or a roaring fireplace – you must never leave it unattended. Food can burn, candles may tip over, and embers can pop out of your fireplace. Avoid taking them for granted, and always keep an eye on them.

Simply put, you should get a fire extinguisher as soon as possible if you don’t have one. Remember that they don’t last forever, either. So, if your fire extinguisher has been collecting dust for ten years, you must replace it. Ideally, you must have multiple fire extinguishers. Most house fires begin in the kitchen, so you should have one there. In addition, put it out of sight but somewhere you can still reach it quickly if you need to.

Perform a Fire Safety Inspection

Regarding fire safety best practices, people still determine when the unthinkable will happen. However, you should be able to notice any fire safety risks in your home or business with just a little bit of training. Do you have damaged or overloaded electrical outlets or cords? Are you lighting candles too close to the curtains? Ultimately, prevention is the first step to fire safety!

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

If you want to ensure your home and business are safe throughout the year, trust Judd Fire Protection, LLC. We have over two decades of experience designing, installing, inspecting, and repairing residential and commercial fire protection systems. We serve clients throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia. If you are interested in finding out more about our services and protecting your home and business, give us a call at 410-871-3480

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