How Are Fire Safety Notices Critical in Your Building?

judd fire protection fire safety notices are critical in your building

So, what are they, and how are fire safety notices critical in your building?

Many people might not know what to do during a fire. Fortunately, some regulations require property owners in commercial buildings to place fire safety notices in certain areas. So, what are they, and how are fire safety notices critical in your building?

What Signifies a Fire Safety Notice?

A fire safety notice is a written notification you’ll frequently find on the backs of doors throughout a building, including multifamily dwellings. In addition, fire safety notices are critical in your building because they alert people as to what to do in the case of a fire. Some of the information in these notices includes:

  • How to behave in case of a fire
  • Responses depending on non-combustible and combustible areas
  • How and where to exit the building
  • How to safely utilize space heaters, candles, and cooking appliances for fire safety purposes
  • Communication in case of a fire
  • The value of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Main Types of Fire Safety Notices

There are two primary types of fire safety notices: non-combustible and combustible. Here’s some information on what each type includes:

Non-Combustible Fire Safety Notices

A non-combustible notice is related to a fireproof building. If a fire begins in a non-combustible environment such as your apartment complex, you must take specific steps to remain safe. If you’re in a fireproof building, but the fire isn’t in your apartment, you can stay there until you receive confirmation from the firefighters. Otherwise, it might be necessary to evacuate immediately. Overall, this is why fire safety notices are critical in your building.

Combustible Fire Safety Notices

Moreover, a combustible fire safety notice states what to do in a non-fireproof building. Additionally, the combustible notice might contain information like closing the door to the room where the fire is, using the stairways and not the elevators, and notifying people by knocking on their doors as you exit the building. Call 911 as soon as you are in a safe location.

Placing and Maintaining Fire Safety Notices

As a building owner, you must ensure that fire safety notices are placed and maintained. This is often done by sending the message to tenants and having them sign a form with information on their door. If you don’t send a certification form, you can complete inspections every three years to ensure the notice is where it should be. Consequently, this is why fire safety notices are critical in your building.

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