Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips for Winter

Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips for Winter judd fire protection

As the temperature drops extremely low during the winter, your fire sprinkler system’s pipes may freeze.

The holidays have come and gone, and the winter weather is here! The icy, freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your pipes, especially your fire sprinkler system. Maintaining your sprinkler system during the winter season is essential for protecting property and people. As the temperature can drop extremely low during the winter in many parts of the region, your fire sprinkler system’s pipes may freeze. Here are some tips for maintaining your sprinkler system in the winter.

Wet Sprinkler System Maintenance

A wet sprinkler system is made of a network of pipes filled with water. During the winter season, you must keep the sprinkler pipes and sprinkler valves above 32°F. This sometimes becomes an issue when a business or property owner opts to turn off the heat to save money when the building is vacant. If any section of pipe is exposed to freezing temperatures, it can crack and damage the sprinkler system and other building areas. Some tips for preventing frozen pipes include: 

  • Mix an antifreeze solution with the water to keep it from freezing during cold weather. Be sure to consult a professional fire protection company to ensure you add the proper amount of solution to water.
  • Monitor the temperature levels and ensure sufficient insulation, so the wet systems are not exposed to freezing temperatures.

Dry Sprinkler System Maintenance

If you have a dry sprinkler system, the pipes are filled with air instead of water to protect unheated areas like parking garages or storage areas. Since there is no water in the pipes, you do not have to worry about frozen water damaging the system. But, there are some things you can do to protect your dry sprinkler system from freezing temperatures. Follow these simple steps before the cold weather each year:

  • It is essential to regularly drain the pipe system during the winter as it may collect moisture and condensation, which could cause blockages.
  • Make sure the valve room is heated.
  • Ensure valves are in the correct position. The top valve should be open, and the bottom valve should be closed.

Schedule an Inspection

Professionals can agree that the most effective way to ensure your fire sprinkler system is properly functioning is to schedule regular inspection and maintenance services throughout the year. You can trust a certified expert from a professional fire protection company like Judd Fire Protection to ensure your property stays safe from fires this winter season.

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