5 Fire Safety Tips for Your Restaurant

5 Fire Safety Tips for Your Restaurant judd fire protection

Hot oils, paper products, electrical appliances, cleaning chemicals, cooking equipment, and open flames make restaurants susceptible to fire.

Restaurants are at high risk of a small fire turning into a dangerous blaze. Hot oils, paper products, electrical appliances, cleaning chemicals, cooking equipment, and open flames make restaurants susceptible to fire. A fire can cause destruction of property, loss of revenue, and even injury to those inside the building. Here are some essential fire safety tips for any restaurant.

Install a Fire Suppression System

The majority of restaurant fires are caused by cooking equipment, so a fire suppression system will automatically dispense chemicals to suppress any flames before they spread. When the system is activated, it automatically cuts the electricity supply or fuel to the cooking equipment.

Proper Ventilation

If your kitchen does not have adequate ventilation, it quickly becomes hot, smoky, and unbearable. This creates hazardous working conditions for cooks and chefs who must spend long periods near cooktops, putting them at risk for injury or illness. A proper ventilation system is not only essential for the safety and comfort of your employees, but it is also a legal requirement. Failure to follow these laws may result in fines or the closure of your business.

Install Fire Alarms

It is essential to have a proper alarm system in your kitchen or restaurant. Fully functional fire alarms which are regularly tested and maintained help detect fires quicker, which can help to reduce damage and potential injuries to occupants.

Have Fire Extinguishers Ready

Class K fire extinguishers work best in a restaurant environment, as they can put out fires that result from grease, fats, and oils which burn at extremely high temperatures. However, class K fire extinguishers should be used after activating the automatic fire suppression system. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s specifications, and place extinguishers strategically where they are easy to access but away from hot areas or liquids.

Train Employees

It is important to train staff to use the fire suppression system and general fire safety practices. Holding a training day with the local fire department is an effective way to ensure the safety of your kitchen staff. Staff should know the location of fire extinguishers and blankets and how to operate them. They should also know how to manually initiate the fire suppression system, administer first aid, and perform CPR.

Regular Inspections

You should also schedule annual public inspections conducted by fire departments or local code enforcement officials to ensure safety procedures, such as exit signs, seating arrangements, maximum occupancy, and other factors, are adequately followed.

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