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  • How to Burn a Candle Safely in Your Home

    Few things are nicer than a lovely-smelling candle burning on a spring afternoon. Unfortunately, few things are also a bigger firestarter for a residential fire! Lighting a candle is something that most people enjoy whether it’s bathtime or dinner time,… Read More

  • How to Protect Your Family From the Damages of Residential Fires

    Residential fires are unfortunately very common.  It’s important to protect your family from these devastating events before they even occur.  When it comes to house fires, not a lot of people are fully prepared.  Some even dismantle their smoke alarms,… Read More

  • 4 of the Most Common Causes of Residential Fires

    Whether or not you realize it, residential fires are incredibly and heartbreakingly common throughout the United States. Every year, there are between 350,000-400,000 house fires that result in a whopping $8 billion in damages. Residential fires can cause huge property… Read More