A Refresher on Fire Safety

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Even though most of us remember the rules of fire safety, a refresher on it and what to do during a building fire may be useful.

What should you do in case you are involved in a building fire? While some companies practice fire drills, most of us only have memories of the experience remaining from school. The anxious excitement of missing class time after the alarm rang to waiting for the all-clear to head back in. Even though most of us remember the rules of fire safety, a refresher on it and what to do during a building fire may be useful.

Avoid Delaying

When you hear an alarm, it signifies you must exit the building now! While you should ensure you have any keys you need to get back in, you must not waste time searching for valuables. Also, you should not go out of your way to retrieve personal items, run straight to the door, and follow the evacuation plan to the gathering space away from the building.

Exit Safely and Quickly

If you must leave through closed doors, first feel the doorknob or the door for heat before you open it. Remember to use the back of your hand if the door is hot. If it’s not hot, open it slowly and proceed with caution. If it’s hot, put anything under the door to block smoke and find another way. Stay low to avoid smoke and fumes as you walk through the building. Keep in mind this fire safety rule: always take the stairs and avoid the use of elevators. Lastly, close the doors as you leave areas because this will limit the spread of the fire.

Unable to Get Out

If you discover that you cannot get out during a building fire, stay away from the fire as much as possible. Also, try to stuff things under each door to limit smoke exposure. Find a window you can signal from and, if possible, call 911 to inform them of your location in the building you’re trapped in. Avoid opening or breaking the window unless you have to since the open window might draw smoke from the outside.

Your best bet during commercial fires is always to seek another way out but go as quickly as possible if you must travel through smoke or flames. Additionally, crawl under the smoke, but not on your belly. If you must travel through the fire, close your eyes and move quickly. You must stop, drop, and roll if your clothing catches fire. Another fire safety tip is to cover your face and eyes with your hands and roll until the fire has decreased.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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