How to React During a Building Fire

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A refresher on fire safety and how to react during a building fire can be useful.

Would you know how to react during a building fire?While some businesses do fire drills, most of us have only memories of the experience leftover from school. The memories are strong. However, the anxious excitement of missing class time once the alarm rang to the boredom of waiting for the all-clear to head back in. Most of us remember the rules of fire safety, but even so, a refresher on fire safety and how to react during a building fire can be useful.

Don’t Delay

When you hear an alarm, it means you need to exit the building, now! While you should make sure you’ve got any keys you need to get back in, you should not waste time searching for valuables. You should also not go out of your way to get personal items, head straight for the door, and follow the evacuation plan to the appropriate gathering space away from the building.

Exit Safely And Quickly

If you have to go through closed doors to get out, feel the doorknob or the door for heat before you open it. Use the back of your hand in case the door is very hot. If it isn’t hot, open it slowly and proceed with caution. If it is hot, stuff anything you have under the door to block smoke and find another way. As you travel through the building, stay low, away from smoke and fumes. Always take the stairs, never the elevator. Finally, close doors as you leave areas – this will limit the spread of the fire.

If You’re Trapped In A Room

If you find you can’t get out during a building fire, retreat as far from the fire as possible, stuffing things under each door to limit smoke exposure. Find a window that you can signal from and (if you can) call 911 to let them know where in the building you’re trapped. Don’t open or break the window unless you have to, since the open window may draw the smoke from the outside.

If You Encounter Smoke or Fire

Your best bet during commercial fires is always to find another way, but if you must go through smoke or flames, go as quickly as possible. Crawl under the smoke, but not on your belly. Keeping your head about 30” above the floor is ideal. This will keep you below the smoke but above any heavy gasses that accumulate on the floor. If you have to go through flames, close your eyes as much as you safely can, and move quickly. If your clothing catches fire, you must stop, drop, and roll. Cover your face and eyes with your hands and roll until the fire is smothered.

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