Why You Should Upgrade The Fire Sprinklers in Your Building

Why You Should Upgrade The Fire Sprinklers in Your Building

You should always inspect and upgrade the fire sprinklers whenever you can.

The last time you heard the time “retrofit,” you probably thought it only had to do with HVAC equipment. On the contrary, you can retrofit almost anything in your commercial building. You should always inspect and upgrade the fire sprinklers whenever you can. Here are some more compelling reasons why.

Changes in Technology

The sprinklers that are being produced now are different than the ones that were made ten or twenty years ago. Changes in technology have brought about more efficient detection methods and energy saving techniques that ultimately can help your business save money in the long term. The pipes and plumbing are also vastly improved, and it’s much easier to have access to water to deal with fires in your building. Not all sprinklers need to activate at once, which means that you can target particular areas that are more prone to the incidence of fires.

Massive Benefits

Although the costs of retrofitting might be higher depending on the size of your building, that shouldn’t be a major concern. Think about this: for warehouses, the costs would actually be lower, because, in smaller facilities, the pipes would have to be interrupted and redirected to get around obstacles such as walls and other dividers. But having fire sprinklers installed will offset these upgrade costs. Savings could be anywhere from 40-70% lower, according to the National Fire Protection Association in 2015. Fire sprinkler systems also help you preserve the environment, as greenhouse gas emissions are decreased and potential water pollution also reduces.

Consider your business insurance provider. Your rates can go down by almost 50%, but you will want to check with your carrier to see the full amount you can save. That’s because you will need to have all of your fire protection equipment properly inspected and tested, not just the fire sprinkler systems. You will also need to furnish your insurance company with proof of positive results so you can start to enjoy these benefits.

Other Factors

Take the time to research the local laws regarding retrofits in your area. The problem is that many new rules and regulations are only signed into law after some disaster has made it an urgent necessity, such as the Great Fire of Baltimore or New York City doing so in 1973. Although this new law didn’t go into effect until 1978, it showed that movement was happening.  

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