The Basics of Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

judd fire protection commercial fire sprinkler systems

It’s important to understand the basics of how commercial fire sprinkler systems function.

One way for people to protect their companies from fires is with commercial fire sprinkler systems. These sprinkler systems are uniquely designed for commercial structures and will safeguard your business, workers, and customers. Here are the basics of how commercial fire sprinkler systems function.

How Do Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Work?

It’s vital to understand the general functions of your sprinkler system because your knowledge will put out any potential fires. Commercial fire sprinkler systems work in different ways. The fire sprinkler system will detect the heat and encourage the sprinklers into motion when there’s a fire in your structure. Either the water or other fire suppression elements will get out of the sprinkler heads and extinguish the fire. However, the number of sprinkler heads and placement will depend on your structure and local and state regulations.

How Do You Maintain Your Sprinkler System?

You also need to upkeep your sprinkler system regularly. Any regulations in your local area and industry will determine how frequently you need to have your commercial fire sprinkler system analyzed and maintained. Any maintenance is required so it can work when it comes time to put out a fire. This maintenance process includes checking for sprinkler control valves, checking the water pressure, removing the coatings from the sprinkler heads, and replacing anything else. Commercial fire sprinkler systems are hard to understand but well worth it in the long run.

What are the Different Kinds of Fire Sprinkler Systems?

Furthermore, there are four primary commercial fire sprinkler systems to know:

  • A wet pipe system is a commonly-used sprinkler system that uses water to put out a fire.
  • A dry pipe system is ideal in cold climates and non-heated buildings because it only uses air or gas to extinguish the flames.
  • Another dry-pipe option is the pre-action system in which gas is released after a series of events are put into action. This ensures that specific equipment or special items are not damaged within a building.
  • The deluge system is used in structures that have potent flammable materials for which a massive amount of water is required to exhaust the flames.
  • Now that you understand how commercial fire sprinkler systems work ensure your sprinkler system is adequately examined and maintained.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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