When Should You Replace Your Commercial Fire Sprinklers?

When Should You Replace Your Commercial Fire Sprinklers? judd fire protection

As your fire sprinkler system ages, there are inevitable issues that will eventually occur.

Having an efficient fire suppression system in your business is an essential part of fire safety. However, over time your sprinklers will need to be replaced. This is because as your fire sprinkler system ages, there are inevitable issues that will eventually occur. However, if those minor issues are not fixed early enough, they could turn into significant issues. Here are some signs that your sprinkler system needs to be replaced or repaired.


It is very common for corrosion to develop in any device that uses water. However, if left unaddressed, it could lead to deterioration that will cause a hole to form in the pipes, causing them to leak. If you notice there is a rotten egg smell, signs of rust, or your water is coming out discolored, then corrosion is most likely the issue.

Damage to the Sprinkler

If your sprinkler is leaking, it could indicate damage to the sprinkler head or pipe. Damage to a sprinkler, or pipe, could have been caused by renovation or construction, vandalism, or simply just regular wear and tear. If the sprinkler is in an area that could be susceptible to damages, installing a protective cage around the sprinkler would be best.

Fails the Plunge Test

The plunge test is an effective way to determine how your sprinkler system will respond in the event of an actual fire. During a plunge test, each sprinkler is placed in a plunge oven where they are exposed to a defined temperature and velocity similar to a fire. The time it takes for the sprinklers to activate is noted. If any fire sprinkler fails to activate in the appropriate amount of time, it is an indication that all sprinklers should be replaced. 

Leaking Water

Any sign of leaking sprinkler heads is an indication of a more serious issue. Leaks can likely be the result of damaged or defective materials. They may also occur due to tight fittings, improper installations, or improper maintenance services. If you find any signs of an issue with your sprinkler system, it is recommended to contact your fire sprinkler system professional immediately. They can perform an inspection and indicate whether you are in need of repair or a full replacement.

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