4 Different Types of Sprinkler Heads

4 different types of sprinkler heads

The types of sprinkler system you need depends on your facilities.

A sprinkler system is a necessary component of fire safety for any building. They act as a failsafe if a fire breaks out and it is too large to control with fire extinguishers. Sprinklers also protect your space by effectively dispersing water in the case of a structure fire. There are various types of sprinkler systems as well as types of sprinkler heads. The types of sprinkler system you need depends on your facilities. Here is a breakdown of the different kinds of sprinkler heads.

Pendent Sprinkler Head

The pendent sprinkler head is the most common type you will find on a sprinkler system.  A pendant sprinkler head hangs from pipes above the ceiling. Pendent sprinklers remain visible after installation. This type of sprinkler head sprays water downward in a circular pattern to maximize coverage. It is best for spaces such as offices, hotels, and factories, etc. Since pendent sprinkler heads are the most common on the market, they come in different variations. These variations include differences in activation temperature, amount of water released, and spray size or pattern.

Concealed Pendent Sprinkler Head

Concealed pendant sprinkler heads are installed in a ceiling and are covered with a decorative cap. They are commonly used in home sprinkler systems and in places where aesthetics are essential. The decorative caps are designed to fall off when the temperature in the room reaches 20 degrees below the activation temperature for the sprinkler not to disrupt the spray of water. The decorative cap can be made from several different materials to match any aesthetic. Metallic, neutral, and wood are just a few of the finishes the decorative caps come in. You can even custom paint match the cap to go with any design.

Upright Sprinkler Head

Upright sprinkler heads are installed pointing upwards at the ceiling. This type of sprinkler head has deflectors that are curved downwards to spray the water in a semi-circular pattern. Upright sprinkler heads work best in places with obstructions, exposed ceilings, or cramped spaces places like beams and ducts. Upright fire sprinkler heads are also perfect for spaces with open ceilings, such as an industrial warehouse or a modern restaurant.

Side Wall Sprinkler Head

Sidewall sprinkler heads work best in small spaces, hallways, and other areas where the sprinkler plumbing system is running through the walls instead of the ceiling. They are most commonly found in hotel rooms. Sidewall sprinklers spray water away from the wall in a half-circle spray pattern. A second deflector also sprays water back toward the wall so that the wall is protected.

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