How to Protect Your Family From the Damages of Residential Fires

residential fires

Residential fires are unfortunately very common. It’s important to protect your family from these devastating events before they even occur.

Residential fires are unfortunately very common.  It’s important to protect your family from these devastating events before they even occur.  When it comes to house fires, not a lot of people are fully prepared.  Some even dismantle their smoke alarms, or make it even more difficult to escape the home if there happens to be an emergency.  Considering fires are an increasing problem among many residential areas, you should always be prepared!  Here’s how to protect your family from residential fires.

Take Precaution Early


Some of the most common reasons for residential fires are candles, cooking, smoking, and electricity.  Any fire caused by these four things can easily be prevented if the proper precautions are implemented.  For instance, ensure that any lit candles are far from anything that could fall into them, like curtains.  Don’t sleep with candles lit, or with something cooking on the stove.  Smoking inside is never a good idea, but a lit cigarette could easily fall and catch fire.  When cooking, take the proper steps to protect yourself–tied back hair, tight clothing, etc.  Don’t put any flammable objects close to the stove.  These simple precautions can prevent disasters.


Practice Escape Plans


Considering most people die from smoke inhalation during residential fires, you should teach your family how to crawl underneath smoke clouds.  Stop, drop and roll should come in handy here!  Make sure every member of the family is aware of the fire escape plan.  Ensure clear access to an escape, and don’t have any obstructions that could make this escape more difficult.  You should be able to get out of the house as quickly as possible.  There should also be at least two exit points.


Know Who to Contact


Any children in the home should be familiar with calling 911 for help.  They should also know exactly what to do when an adult isn’t home with them, because fires can occur at any time.  Children should be completely aware of how to escape when necessary.  Without this knowledge, it could be risking lives.


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