How to Prepare an Emergency Plan for Your Business

emergency plan

Preparing an emergency plan for your business is critical to protecting your property, your business, your customers, and your employees.

An emergency plan often means the difference between property damage and property loss, or safety and injury. Preparing an emergency plan for your business is critical to protecting your property, your business, your customers, and your employees. Here is a basic outline to help guide you through the emergency planning process.

What is a Workplace Emergency?

Workplace emergencies are any situation that puts your employees, customers, or public at risk, shuts your facility down, or that ends in environmental or physical harm. Emergencies can happen naturally or as a result of something within your facility. Workplace emergencies include:

  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornados
  • Fires
  • Gas leaks
  • Chemical spills
  • Radiological accidents
  • Explosions
  • Workplace violence

What is an Emergency Plan?

The emergency plan details what you and your employees should do to ensure minimal damage to property and themselves and employee and customer safety in the event of an emergency. Depending on what type of industry you work in, you might be required by law to have an emergency plan. Your emergency plan is something that every employee should be familiar with, as when disaster strikes there isn’t always time to go check the handbook. Emergency plans typically include:

  • How to report an incident or accident
  • An evacuation plan and policy
  • Emergency escape routes, refuge areas, and safe areas
  • Names, titles, and phone numbers for people who should be contacted in the event of an emergency
  • Procedures for things like operating fire extinguishers, activating fire alarms, etc.

How Can You Develop Your Emergency Plan?

If you are a new company or unsure how to develop an emergency plan, you can work with the professionals at Judd Fire Protection. We will assess your business to determine proper evacuation routes, the right locations for fire safety devices like fire extinguishers, and the best ways to alert your employees. We can also offer training to your staff to make sure everyone knows what will happen in case of an emergency.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

If you want to ensure your home and business are safe throughout the year, trust Judd Fire Protection, LLC. We have over two decades of experience with design, installation, service, and inspection of residential and commercial fire protection systems. We service clients throughout the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia. If you are interested in finding out more about our services and protecting your home and business, give us a call at 410-871-3480 or contact us online. For more fire safety tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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