How to Prevent Electrical Fires in Commercial Buildings

How to Prevent Electrical Fires in Commercial Buildings judd fire protection

Complex electrical panels, wires, and fixtures pose a real risk to fire safety.

Electrical fires at work are a severe threat if employees are not properly educated on preventing them. Commercial structures are at an increased risk of electrical fires because they are filled with electrical wires, both visible and hidden behind walls. Complex electrical panels, wires, and fixtures pose a real risk to fire safety. You and your employees must know how to spot potential electrical hazards to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are some tips on how to prevent electrical fires in the workplace.

Don’t Overload Outlets

It can be tempting to plug all your devices into the same outlet. But, it’s crucial to be sure that electrical outlets are not overloaded, as this is a common way for fires to start. A good rule of thumb is only to plug one high-energy device into each outlet. Machines and appliances that require a lot of power and energy can easily overload a circuit if too many devices are plugged in at a time.

Inspect Equipment Regularly

One of the leading causes of commercial fires is faulty electrical equipment. Loose wires, overloaded outlets, and bad connections can all cause serious fires. It is a smart idea to make sure all employees understand the importance of only using equipment that is in good working condition. And inspect all electrical equipment and cords regularly. Be sure to dispose of any electrical equipment that no longer works. Don’t use frayed or broken electrical cords.

Unplug Cords When Not in Use

Leaving a cord plugged in when you’re not using it is a fire hazard. Even if an appliance has been turned off, there may still be risks of electric shock or damage to equipment if left plugged in. Instruct your employees to unplug all devices at the end of the day to prevent any electrical overload. If possible, use a power strip with an on/off switch so that equipment can be turned off simultaneously when not in use.

Schedule an Electrical Inspection

It is essential to have your electrical system regularly inspected in order to ensure your building’s safety. Primarily if your business is located in an older building, have a professional inspect your wiring for possible corrosion or outdated wiring. If any wire is corroded or exposed, it should be replaced immediately. If the wire coating is rotting away, it will only worsen with time and increases your risk for fire damage.

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