Why Your Business Should Have an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Why Your Business Should Have an Emergency Preparedness Kit judd fire protection

An emergency preparedness kit is necessary for all commercial spaces.

As a business owner, you do not want to think about the possible emergencies that could befall you and your employees. However, it is essential to be prepared in the event of an emergency so you can keep your business safe. An emergency preparedness kit is necessary for all commercial spaces. Your emergency kit should be equipped with all the essential supplies in order to minimize stress and stay safe. Let’s go over the importance of having an emergency preparedness kit for your business.

Why You Need an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or earthquakes are often among the last things business owners think about on a daily basis. Due to that reason, they often take people by surprise and leave them scrambling to survive if they do happen. You only need to prepare an emergency preparedness once and forget about it until you need it.

What You Should Have in Your Kit

There are some health and safety essentials you should keep in your emergency kit, including drinking water, emergency lights, ponchos, safety blankets, emergency whistles, protective gloves, and face masks. In some cases of natural disasters, it may take some time for emergency services to reach you. So, make sure you have enough supplies on hand, such as canned or non-perishable food, rechargeable batteries, a battery-powered radio, and a first aid kit. Be sure to pack enough supplies for three to seven days, depending on the size of your office and the total number of employees.

Where to Store Your Kit

Store any fragile items in airtight plastic bags. A backpack is a convenient and portable storage option for an emergency preparedness kit if it is intended to be used by a single person. Depending on the size of the kit, you may also want to consider several plastic storage containers and store them in a safe but accessible location. It is a good idea to check on your stored items annually and replace any expired items immediately. You never know when you will need to use your emergency preparedness kit.

Bottom Line

Having emergency preparedness kits ready and fully stocked is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your employees in the case of a natural disaster or other emergencies. Make sure you include your employees in the emergency plan and communicate the best way to stay safe. You never know when your emergency supplies may save a life.

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