Fire Safety Tips for Homeowners

Fire Safety Tips for Homeowners judd fire protection

The majority of home fires are preventable, so it is important to have a fire protection plan.

As a homeowner, keeping you and your family safe from harm is a top priority. It is crucial that you understand and carefully consider all aspects of fire safety. Some fires are caused by structural issues, such as faulty wiring, furnace malfunctions, and other electrical and heating accidents. But the majority of home fires are preventable, so it is important to have a fire protection plan. Here are some fire safety tips to help you stay safe at home.

Create a Fire Escape Plan

It is impossible to predict when a fire will break out, but you can prepare yourself by creating a fire escape plan. Map out an escape route out of the house and a meeting place outside, and involve all family members – and pets too!- so that everyone can work as a unit to make a safe escape. It is a good idea to have two planned escape routes just in case something happens. Be sure to practice this escape plan with your family at least twice a year.

Inspect Smoke Alarms Regularly

Every homeowner should have smoke alarms installed on every level of the home. Not only should you have a smoke detector on each level, but they should also be installed in front of every bedroom, in utility rooms, rooms with fireplace and appliances, and crawlspaces. Be sure to test your smoke detectors at least twice a year.  If your smoke detector needs a new battery or is malfunctioning, take care of it as soon as possible.

Be Careful When Cooking

According to FEMA, cooking is one of the top three causes of house fires. There are a few simple safety steps to be mindful of in the kitchen when you are cooking. When cooking or frying with oil and grease, be especially careful as the hot liquid can quickly start a fire. Once you’ve finished cooking, ensure that the burners and stove are always turned off. If a grease fire does start, it is vital that you know how to put it out. First, never put water on a grease fire! Instead, use salt or baking soda to extinguish it quickly, cover the pan with a lid, and turn off the stove.

Have Fire Extinguishers in the Home

Fire extinguishers are an essential part of residential fire protection. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to include extinguishers in their fire prevention plans. Fire extinguishers are easy to store in the kitchen to help contain any small accidental outbreaks. It would be a good idea to invest in a couple of fire extinguishers and place them around your home.

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