Fire Safety Myths Debunked by Judd Fire Protection

Fire Safety Myths Debunked by Judd Fire Protection

One fire safety myth is that flames kill people more than smoke.

Fire safety is a concern that everyone should take seriously. The Internet is useful because you have millions of articles on any topic at your disposal, including fire safety. However, not everything that you read online is accurate. If you’re looking up celebrity gossip, this isn’t a big deal. However, fire safety can be a matter of life or death. We want you to have valuable and accurate information coming straight from us, the fire protection experts. Here are some fire safety myths debunked by Judd Fire Protection. 

Myth #1: Fires Are What Cause the Most Casualties

Smoke should be more of a concern in a fire outbreak. Yes, flames coming into contact with the skin can result in third-degree burns. However, smoke inhalation is toxic and life-threatening because of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can spread throughout a home or commercial space within a matter of minutes. Smoke causes people to choke, become disoriented, or worse. 

Myth #2: Fire Spreads Slowly, So Evacuation Shouldn’t Happen Immediately

The sooner that you can get out of a building, the better. Even a tiny flame can spread within minutes. If there are flammable items are around, this factor applies even more. Once a fire starts to spread, your life is in danger. Leave the property as soon as possible. You can replace items, but you cannot bring back a person’s life. 

Myth #3: If A Smoke Detector Goes Off, Only Smoke is Present

When a smoke detector goes off, this could also mean that a fire has started as well. The best smoke detectors may be able to detect a fire right away. However, don’t risk your life by assuming that the fire isn’t big enough to spread or be concerned. Luckily, if you have a fire sprinkler system in your home or commercial property, you’ll be much safer. They can stop a fire immediately. 

Myth #4: One Fire Sprinkler Going Off Activates Them All

We’ve shed some light on fire sprinkler myths in the past. Some homeowners are skeptical about fire sprinklers because they think that’ll damage their property and flood the place. This notion isn’t true whatsoever. Movies and television shows often warp perceptions or sensationalize things. The first sprinkler that will react is the one closest to the actual fire, and just enough water will spray to put out the fire, not resulting in a deluge of water. 

Residential and Commercial Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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