Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarm Systems: Aren’t They the Same Device?

smoke detectors and fire alarms

Smoke detectors and fire alarm systems are not the same.

Smoke detectors and fire alarm systems are not the same. There is a difference between the devices. Both can help to save lives, but they serve very different functions. When you read about fire safety, the mention of these two devices occurs very often. Many people often think that the terms are interchangeable, but today we’d like to shed some light on smoke detectors and fire alarms systems. Here’s the difference. 

Smoke Detectors Defined

The purpose behind a smoke detector is all in the name. The device detects smoke. It’s merely a sensor that can detect when there is a high amount of smoke in your home or commercial spaces. The device doesn’t do much more than recognize that a fire hazard is present.

Fire Alarm Systems Defined

Fire alarm systems, on the contrary, are a complete package. They not only involve detection, but once there is a high amount of smoke in the room, the system takes action, making it more than a sensor. The sensor that’s connected to the alarm system blares when the activation system becomes activated. Some fire alarm systems come with an attached fire sprinkler system. We install fire sprinklers so that homeowners can increase their safety if a fire were to occur. Even without a fire sprinkler, the most crucial factor is being alerted to the fact that you are in danger.

A Review of the Key Differences Between Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarm Systems

  • A smoke detector detects smoke but doesn’t act on the threat
  • A fire alarm system has multiple devices combined to protect your building from a fire. It alerts and then takes countermeasures.
  • A smoke detector is usually integrated within fire alarm systems. A fire alarm system needs it to take any action.

Do Both Systems Require Maintenance?

Absolutely. Because fire alarm systems run on a power source, they do need maintenance. Testing them every month allows you to detect issues with batteries. It also helps you gauge their response time as an environment changes. If your business fire alarm is not in the best shape or you need a fire sprinkler for your home, then give us a call today. 

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