Let’s Debunk Some Fire Sprinkler Myths!

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Fire sprinkler systems help save lives both residentially and commercially

The depiction of fire sprinkler systems in movies has led many people astray. Understanding what’s real and false about fire safety are core factors in saving lives and protecting property. Today we’d like to debunk some fire sprinkler myths. Read on to discover some vital fire safety tips.

Every Sprinkler Head Does Not Go Off When A Fire Happens

Dramatic floods do not occur when a small blaze alerts a fire sprinkler system. A lot of fire sprinkler systems do not operate at the same time. In actuality, each sprinkler activates individually. A small amount of steam or smoke won’t cause your house to flood. The thoughtful design of a fire sprinkler ensures that only the sprinklers close to a fire will spray water. The rest of your property will stay safe and dry.

Water Damage From Fire Sprinkler Systems Will Not Be More Damaging Than Damage From a Fire 

Fire sprinklers catch flames right away. They limit heat and smoke damage to a small area of the home and give people more time to exit the house. Fire sprinklers can often control a fire before things go too far. They also use less water than fire hoses. People often narrow down choosing a fire sprinkler to either accepting water damage or fire damage. It only takes a matter of minutes for a flame to engulf a room if that. Also, smoke is what usually harms people the most. Smoke is a silent killer. So, we’d say that a little bit of water in a small area is better than attempting to tackle a fire. 

A Smoke Detector Is Not All You Need to Be Safe

Two weeks ago, we discussed that a smoke detector does just that: detect smoke. It is not proactive in stopping the smoke or fire itself. What’s also unfortunate is that people often neglect their smoke detectors. They forget to change the battery. Some homeowners even become upset with smoke detectors when they falsely sound (probably because they didn’t change the batteries), so they remove them altogether. 

The Main TakeAway 

Fire sprinklers have come a long way. Did you know that they’ve existed for centuries??? In the beginning stages, there were issues with functionality. But fast forward to 2020, and thank technicians for getting it right. Fire sprinklers are safe, efficient, and if you’re worried about aesthetics, some modern sprinkler heads are less detectable. 

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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