Crucial Tips for Maintaining Accessible Means of Egress

judd fire protection Accessible Means of Egress

How do you maintain accessible means of egress out of your building?

Regardless of the building you manage, you must maintain several accessible means of egress for your occupants. Egress is crucial to protecting your occupants from harm when they need to exit your building. Read on for what means of egress are, how they become blocked, and how to maintain accessible means of egress out of your building.

What Is Meant by Means of Egress?

A means of egress is an unobstructed path from the building to the outside. It’s an emergency route in case of an emergency which includes the stairs, fire exits, and walkways that let occupants exit the building in a hurry. Additionally, an elevator is not a means of egress.

How Does Egress Become Obstructed?

Moreover, egress frequently becomes blocked when the exits are poorly located or the travel path to the exits is not well lit. In fact, occupants must never be forced to walk through a storeroom, workroom, restroom, a kitchen, or similarly tight space to arrive at an exit. Plus, egress can be hindered if exit access doors and exits are not adequately designed. Also, maintain exits visible by never hanging anything in a position that blocks them.

How To Maintain Accessible Means of Egress

Create an Evacuation Plan

Having an evacuation plan in place will reduce confusion and panic during an emergency. Your occupants can exit with maximum speed and safety if they know where the closest exits and the protocol when an emergency occurs.

Your evacuation plan should have the following:

  • Safety accommodations for persons of all abilities
  • Several ways to exit the building
  • Keeping emergency egress signage throughout the building
  • Apparent marked exit paths with illuminated egress markings along the travel path

Keep Clear Paths to All Emergency Exits

Make sure egress pathways do not have clutter that can block an occupant’s way. However, pillars and standpipes can’t be easily moved, so mark these obstructions with shining egress path markings so occupants can avoid injury.

Make Sure to Install Adequate Emergency Lighting

Also, buildings frequently lose power during emergencies. Your exit pathways should always be lined with bright emergency lighting to determine everyone gets out safely.

Ensure All Exits Are Marked and Easy to See

The final step to maintaining accessible means of egress is to ensure all exit doors are clearly marked. You must also place “not an exit” on any doors that your occupants can easily mistake as an exit.

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