A Guide to Smoke Alarms

a guide to smoke detectors judd fire portection

Taking stock of how to properly take care of your fire alarms can be a life-saver.

Are you aware of how many smoke alarms are actually installed in your home at the moment? It can be hard to know how important fire alarms are until you need them to work. As a result, equipping your home with the right fire alarms and ensuring those fire alarms and smoke detectors are working properly can make a massive difference in any devastating situation for your humble abode. In fact, it can be super easy to forget about these life-saving devices. However, taking stock of how to properly take care of your fire alarms can be a life-saver. Here are the key tips and tricks to understanding fire alarms and how they work to protect your family and home from a devastating fire.

How Smoke Alarms Actually Work

Understanding how smoke alarms work is crucial to understanding how they can protect your family and home. In fact, there are two different types of smoke alarms that work to protect your family and home from fire. Ultimately, there are photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms out there to choose from. With a photoelectric smoke alarm, an infrared light beam is used along with a light-emitting diode along with a photocell. That is in contrast to an ionization smoke alarm which ultimately uses chemistry to sense any presence of smoke in the home itself. As a result, both types of smoke alarms will typically work when smoke enters the detector which then triggers the alarm itself.

Caring And Maintaining Your Smoke Alarm

Regardless of the type of smoke alarm you have, both types will require proper care and maintenance. In fact, because your smoke alarm is the first line of defense in the event of a fire, maintaining your smoke alarms over the years is integral to your safety. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is absolutely nothing worse than a fire alarm or smoke detector that doesn’t work properly. In fact, it can be devastating to not keep your smoke alarms in tip-top shape. Having professionals routinely maintain your smoke alarms is the first step you can take to make proactive measures towards properly caring for your smoke alarms and fire alarms throughout your home

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