Ways to Ensure Grill Safety for the Summer

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Grill safety this summer is critical since you are dealing with fire.

With summertime happening now, it represents your next opportunity to fire up the grill in your yard. Grill safety this summer is critical since you are dealing with fire. Read on for how to ensure grill safety for the summer.

Ensure Your Grill is Stable

Grill safety begins with a healthy dose of common sense. Even if your grill is not meant to be set on a tabletop or standalone base, you must ensure it’s stable. You want to avoid your grill moving around as you cook because it could spray oil, grease, or bits of glowing coals. Also, you want the grill to stay on top because it can be a significant hazard to everyone around you.

Keep Children and Pets Away

Moreover, keep children and pets away while you or someone else cooks’ food on the grill. They will be curious to see what you are doing and may be distracting while you attempt to concentrate. Additionally, they may try to play with the grill or trigger mischief if you need to step away. However, don’t walk away when the grill is still on. Make sure to teach them to be cautious if they are out in the yard playing because proper grill safety calls for you to avoid leaving a lit grill unattended.

Use a Fire Extinguisher

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy if you plan to use the grill for cooking hot dogs, steaks, hamburgers, or kabobs. Plus, keep it nearby and inspect it regularly to determine it doesn’t need to be recharged. Otherwise, the fire extinguisher might fail to operate if a fire spreads from your grill.

At Judd Fire Protection, it’s our mission to provide reliable fire protection to your property and loved ones. There are numerous reasons why a fire extinguisher may not function properly. Unfortunately, a faulty fire extinguisher will do nothing to protect you and your property if a fire breaks out. Get a free quote today!

Watch Out for Leaks

Furthermore, watch out for potential leaks on the grill itself. If you use propane as your fuel, ensure the tanks aren’t leaking. Even if you are not utilizing propane, you may still rely on coal. Since they are more unpredictable, use the fluid intended for charcoal and avoid using kerosene or gas as your fuel.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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