How to Safely Fire Up That Grill

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We encourage you to fire up that grill, safely

Today, we’d like to discuss grill fire safety. Spring and summer are synonymous with firing up the grill and cooking delicious food. However, cooking is the number one cause behind residential fires. We encourage you to enjoy time in your backyard with your family as you grill delicious hot dogs and hamburgers. We also challenge you to keep these grill fire safety tips in mind. 

Keep Your Grill Far Away From Your House

For months, we’ve heard and seen the word “distancing” over and over again. Well, we advise you that you “distance” your grill from your home. The further, the better, and this includes distancing your prized cooking possession from your deck, garage, and carports. We also advise that homeowners keep grills away from wooden overhangs. In other words, if you have a tree with low-hanging branches, grills should never go anyway near them. Grills are safest in open places. 

Remove The Dirt From Racks

When grease and fat accumulate, this is a recipe for disaster. Grease and fat accumulation are fuel for fires. Because grease is a culprit for flareups, you should do your best to keep it to a minimum. 

Decorations Should Never Be Anywhere Near a Grill

The holidays that people look forward to during summer spring are Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. With holidays come decorations. Banners are celebratory, and a beautiful way to decorate a yard. However, you have to be careful with them. Keeping them secure and far away from your prized cooking possession ensures that they don’t catch fire, especially on windier days. 

Refrain from Cooking with Too Much Food

This fire safety tip mostly applies to fatty meats. When too much fat drips on flames, this could result in a flareup. As a result, nearby things could fire. Once again, this is why we always recommend that you keep items far away from your grilling appliance. 

Other Grilling Fire Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Never leave grills unattended
  • Refrain from grilling indoors
  • Keep an extinguisher near you as you cook your food (and make sure you know how to use it) 

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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