Various Types of Fire Sprinkler Heads for Your Property

judd fire protection types of fire sprinkler heads

Similar to sprinkler systems, there are also various types of fire sprinkler heads.

A fire sprinkler system is critical to fire safety for any property. They act as a failsafe in case of a fire breakout, and it’s too significant to control with extinguishers. Fire sprinklers also protect your environment by effectively dispersing water. Similar to sprinkler systems, there are also various types of fire sprinkler heads. The types of sprinkler systems you require depend on your premises. Here is a breakdown of the various types of fire sprinkler heads.

Pendent Fire Sprinkler Head

The pendent fire sprinkler head is the most prevalent type of a sprinkler system. They hang from pipes above the ceiling and remain noticeable after installation. This sprinkler head type sprays water downward in a circular pattern for maximum coverage. In addition, it’s ideal for spaces like hotels, offices, and factories. Since they are familiar, pendent fire sprinkler heads come in different variations. They include the amount of water released, activation temperature, and spray size or pattern.

Concealed Pendent Sprinkler Head

Concealed pendent sprinkler heads are one of the types of fire sprinkler heads. They are installed in a ceiling and covered with a decorative cap. Additionally, these sprinkler heads are primarily used in home sprinkler systems where aesthetic care is critical. Plus, the decorative caps are meant to fall off when the room temperature reaches 20 degrees below the activation temperature for the fire sprinkler not to make disruptions. Also, the decorative cap can be made from different materials, such as metallic, wood, and neutral, to match any aesthetic. You may even custom paint match the cap to complement any design.

Side Wall Sprinkler Head

Sidewall sprinkler heads function ideally in small spaces and other areas where the sprinkler plumbing system runs through the walls rather than the ceiling. They are mostly found in hotel rooms. Furthermore, sidewall sprinklers spray water away from the wall in a circular pattern. A second deflector also sprays water on the wall to protect it.

Upright Sprinkler Head

The installation of upright sprinkler heads goes pointing up at the ceiling. They have deflectors that curve downward to spray the water in a half-circular pattern. Additionally, upright sprinkler heads function best in places with exposed ceilings, obstructions, or cramped environments like ducts and beams. They are also perfect for spaces with open ceilings, like a modern restaurant or an industrial warehouse.

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