The Advantage of a Kitchen Fire Suppression System in Your Commercial Building

judd fire protection Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Why is a kitchen fire suppression system important?

You most likely have a kitchen fire suppression system if you manage a commercial building with a kitchen. The kitchen fire suppression system aids in containing fires should they begin in that part of the building. It’s also crucial to re-file your suppression information with the appropriate local entities if you integrate any cooking appliances into your kitchen or create other additions. This article will explain the importance of a kitchen fire suppression system in your commercial building.

Why Should You Re-File Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

You might have already filed the suppression information with your local agencies if you have a kitchen fire suppression system. However, if you add an additional permanent kitchen item or cooking space, you should re-file this important information, so it’s up-to-date. Below are the reasons why you need to re-file your kitchen fire suppression system:

Comply with Local Laws

Local laws frequently dictate that certain filing requirements are necessary to comply with the regulations based on your location. Also, you can be fined or experience other penalties if you don’t abide by these laws. Therefore, it’s crucial to re-file your documents if you add anything else to your kitchen.

Protect Other Lives

You also want to ensure you put information regarding any new addition to your kitchen in the documents. You must also ensure the kitchen fire suppression system can survive the elements and function well when adding something new to your kitchen. In addition, you must alert local fire entities that these items exist and that the new additions have happened since the prior filing.

Assist First Responders

Moreover, first responders will know exactly what to expect when a fire occurs at your commercial building when you re-file after kitchen additions. This information will help first responders know what to anticipate with your building, and kitchen fire suppression system. Furthermore, fire suppression systems help maintain first responders safe who respond to emergencies at your property and save lives in your building.

Stay compliant with your local laws and keep others safe in the event of a fire. Always ensure to re-file your kitchen fire suppression system after any additions. Judd Fire Protection can help ensure your kitchen fire suppression system functions and complies!

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