Commercial Fire Protection: Opening a New Restaurant

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If you’re opening a new restaurant soon, you’ll need to ensure you’ve added fire protection equipment to your planning list.

If you’re opening a new restaurant soon, you’ll need to ensure you’ve added fire protection equipment to your planning list. These safety measures are essential to maintaining your workers, customers, and property fire-safe once you open to the community. Overall, planning ahead is primary to opening your new restaurant with some type of fire protection to avoid further delays.

Necessary Fire Protection Equipment for Your Restaurant

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Furthermore, your restaurant’s survival depends on your kitchen fire suppression system’s ability to detect and suppress fires before they get out of hand. In addition, it’s essential to re-file your suppression information with the proper local entities if you add any cooking appliances into your kitchen or create other additions.

Fire Extinguishers

Restaurant fires are distinct because of the hot cooking grease that frequently serves as an ignition source. Additionally, your restaurant will need Class K fire extinguishers so kitchen staff can rapidly take action against a minor fire, limiting property damage and possibly saving lives in the process. Plus, make sure to include ABC fire extinguishers throughout the restaurant.

Fire Alarm System

Although sirens, strobe lights, and pull stations don’t actively extinguish fires, they’re crucial for alerting employees and customers to evacuate the restaurant.

Fire Sprinkler System

Moreover, restaurants must have fire sprinklers. So, your restaurant must have fire sprinklers installed if your restaurant hosts more than 300 guests. Also, fire protection and safety regulations differ based on your restaurant’s location.

Preventive Measures for Your Restaurant

  • Add fire safety guidelines into your daily routine.
  • Install a kitchen fire suppression system.
  • Also, schedule semi-annual kitchen fire suppression inspections.
  • Offer kitchen workers training on the proper use of equipment. They should be able to pinpoint the various fire types and how to use a fire extinguisher safely.
  • Complete annual fire extinguisher inspections.
  • Examine & maintain fire sprinkler systems.
  • Perform yearly fire alarm system inspections and monthly monitoring.

Learn More About Fire Protection Equipment

Judd Fire Protection wants you to have the best information possible about different fire protection systems. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the most prevalent questions we receive.

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