Restaurant Fire Protection Tips

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If a fire emergency happened in your restaurant, would you know how to handle it?

If a fire emergency happened in your restaurant, would you know how to handle it? If not, then this is a must-read. Restaurants are a source of fire emergencies because grease fires take place in restaurants. Not only is a fire emergency happening in a restaurant scary, but improperly handling the crisis is dangerous as well. For example, putting out a grease fire with water will not kill the flame. Here are some restaurant fire protection tips that will prepare you immensely.

Assess How You Can Prevent a Fire in the First Place

Assessing the risk of your restaurant could potentially go up in flames in pivotal. Are there flammable materials near your electrical equipment? How are you storing combustible materials? Take notes of any hazards that you may see. Make sure that all of your fire extinguishers are up-to-date and functioning. If not, then we can help.

Training Your Staff Helps With Restaurant Fires

Most American adults have never used a fire extinguisher. We suggest that you conduct a thorough training with your team so that they know what types of fire extinguishers to use in case of an emergency. We can help assist with this training as well as the local fire department.

Prepare Yourself For Both a Fire and Power Outage

When a fire emergency happens, restaurants sometimes lose the main power. Many workers don’t have the confidence to reach safety in the cause of a power outage, let alone a fire. Emergency and exit lighting become a critical factor. You should regularly test emergency and exit lighting. There is nothing more unfortunate than not being able to navigate through a building safely when it counts the most.

Consistently Check on Fire Sprinklers and Fire Alarms

Fire sprinklers are responsible for controlling many fires. A well-maintained, often-checked-on fire sprinkler is useful when it comes to fire suppression and fire protection. Fire alarms are critical as well. Without them, restaurant occupants wouldn’t grasp that something is seriously wrong. If your fire sprinkler or fire alarm has any damages whatsoever, these issues should take precedence. All it takes is care and preparation to keep an emergency from turning into a tragedy. 

If you need more restaurant fire protection tips, then give us a call. 

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