Lodging Fire Safety Tips

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If you’re lodging any time soon, then these are lodging fire safety tips that you should take seriously.

Lodging is a peaceful thing to do. People often travel during the summer and stay at hotels or resorts. People also spend time at hotels and resorts all-year-round to celebrate holidays (such as Valentine’s Day) or simply because they need to take a break to relax, unwind, and explore new or familiar sights. While lodging, no one thinks about a fire emergency happening. That’s why we’re here to prepare you — taking the time to ponder on those “what if” moments can turn what could be a tragedy into a well-executed escape plan. If you’re lodging any time soon, then these are lodging fire safety tips that you should take seriously.

Become Familiar with Emergency Exit Routes

Upon entering a lodging area, looking at emergency exit routes is the last thing that’s on travelers’ minds. They either want to get to the room as soon as possible to sleep, or dump their bags so that they can begin their exciting day or night. Before you do so, it’s crucial to observe entrances and exits, especially those near your room. 

When a fire breaks out, there is a lot of smoke, heat, panic, and confusion. All of these factors could lead someone to make bad decisions. Knowing where emergency exits are may not seem like a challenging thing to do, but could you find your way there when you could barely see while crawling? This idea represents how it feels to escape a fire. Always think of what you would do if a fire alarm were to sound. Think of what you’d take with you, where you would go, and how you could do all of this safely. Doing so keeps you prepared.

Lodging Fire Safety Tips for Preventing Smoke Inhalation

Fire deaths typically occur because of smoke inhalation. Fire smoke contains various irritants that make it hard to breathe, such as asphyxiation. If you see smoke coming from under your door, touch the door handle to see how hot it is. If it’s too warm to the touch, then that most likely means that the fire is close, and you’ll need to find another way to escape. A wet towel under the door will keep the smoke at bay and prevent the smoke from entering the room. We also suggest turning off any fan or air condition in the room. 

Fire Safety Tips for Escaping.

If you need to get out quickly, do not attempt to grab all of your things. You can replace items, but unfortunately, not a life. It’s always best practice to place your valuables (key card, phone, wallet, car/house keys medicine) all together in a bag next to your bed so you can always quickly grab it. Smoke tends to rise to ceilings, so it’s best to stay low to the ground or crawl. If you are traveling with others, you should discuss beforehand a meeting spot to go to once everyone is safe so that no one has to wonder where someone is. 

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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