Reducing the Risk of Candle Fires

As the weather gets cooler, many of us go out of our way to make the indoors cozier. For some, this means lighting a fire in your fireplace. But many homes don’t have fireplaces, so we have to settle for candles. That said, candles do pose a fire hazard. Today, we’d like to give you some tips for reducing the risk of candle fires.

Reducing the Risk of Candle Fires

Candles pose a significant fire hazard. Please read these tips for reducing the risk of candle fires.

Sturdy Candle Holders

Too often, candle holders are narrow and have a propensity to fall over. Use caution around these kinds of candle holders. It’s best to invest in some with a wider base, so that you can’t inadvertently knock them over.

Consider Flameless Candles

We’re sure you’ve seen so-called ‘flameless candles’ flooding the market. We know—they just don’t have the same charm as the real thing. But some of them can be surprisingly convincing. You wouldn’t know they were fake unless someone told you, or you thoroughly inspected it. If you plan on using candles often, consider one of these products.

Don’t Leave them Unattended

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when using candles is leaving them unattended. Just as you should never leave food unattended while cooking, you should take the same precautions with candles. By the same token, take caution if you’re using them around bedtime, so you don’t fall asleep. Most candle fires start in the bedroom.

Keep Away from Flammables

This one seems like common sense, but far too many people light candles and let them burn too close to flammables. Be especially cautious around curtains, house plants, and paper. These can burn up quickly and rapidly progress out of control. Also, use caution with long hair and loose clothing.

Have Battery-Powered Light Sources on Hand

If you experience a power outage during the night, many people are inclined to light whatever candles they have lying around the house. This is a fire safety faux pas, to put it mildly.  It’s best to have battery-powered flashlights and lanterns on hand in the event of a power outage. These can be used far more safely.

Get a Fire Extinguisher!

This tip applies regardless of whether or not you regularly use candles. Every household should have a fire extinguisher; ideally, they should have multiple. Place them in throughout your living space in out-of-sight but accessible locations such as closets and pantries. If despite your best effort, a candle fire occurs, a fire extinguisher can mean the difference between safety and disaster.

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