A Few Fire Safety Tips That You Can Teach Your Children

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You can teach your children many fire safety tips

Many things pique the curiosity of children. Some children find themselves fascinated by the stove. Unfortunately, not all children understand the dangers of touching the stove or playing with matches. Some children don’t even realize what fire safety means. As a parent, it’s easier to show excellent habits to your children while they’re young than to try and break bad habits. Here are a few fire safety tips that you can teach your children. 

Teach Your Kids to Handle Candles With Care

If your children are much younger, then only the adults in the household should handle candles. However, if your children are much older, you should always teach them never to leave candles or incense burning. Any unattended burning fire is a safety hazard. 

Teach Your Children Not to Use Too Many Devices At Once

In the age that we live in, kids love to stay connected. Kids use technology as if it’ll go out of style. However, overloading power strips is a fire safety hazard, and it can cause a fuse to blow.

Tell Your Kids About the Dangers of Playing Near the Stove

Even if your child doesn’t touch the stove directly, they’re still at risk if they play near it. If loose clothing gets near an open flame, then the result could be quite devastating. Children should always remain away from stoves unless, of course, you’re next to them, and you’re teaching them how to be the next Gordon Ramsey or Rachel Ray. 

Talk to Your Children About Fire Safety in General 

You should sit down with your children and discuss an escape plan. They (and you know) you should know multiple alternatives to evacuate your home if a fire were to happen. Teach your kids how to get low. Teach them how dangerous not only fire is, but smoke as well. Most importantly, teach them to never hide out in enclosed areas. Because fires cause people to panic, it may be helpful to have a few practice drills so that you can have peace of mind that your children know what to do. 

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