Pointers on Commercial Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

judd fire protection commercial fire sprinkler maintenance

Check out these pointers on commercial fire sprinkler maintenance for your company.

A properly functioning fire sprinkler can prevent a minor fire from becoming significant. In particular, commercial fire sprinkler maintenance ranges from ensuring adequate care to the sprinkler heads to ensuring the system is appropriately set up. Staff training is also essential. If a fire occurs, damage can be done in seconds. Check out these pointers on commercial fire sprinkler maintenance for your company.

Sprinkler Maintenance Advice

It’s imperative to inspect various areas of your fire sprinkler system during the year.

Lock Control Valves

Part of your commercial fire sprinkler maintenance is keeping your locking sprinkler control valves open to be ready to fight a fire. Although you may remind your staff only to shut something off if authorized, some devices prevent anyone from changing things around. Overall, using electric lockout devices is the most effective way to avoid tampering with valves.

Visual Cues

Visual communication is vital. Make sure you place signs near the sprinkler equipment. Also, these signs must remind employees to leave the valves “open.” In addition, the signs can list the problems that can occur if they close a valve. Sometimes, a sign with an image can be more effective than a long, wordy sign. Practice Daily Tips

After any paintwork, ensure all painter’s tape is eliminated from the sprinkler heads. If sprinklers are in an area usually around high heat – such as a bakery – replace them often and test the system at least once a year. Or replace them with high-heat heads. Unfortunately, crowding can mess with the unit’s heat detection sensors, so relocate the boxes to a shorter stack if possible.

Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Tips

Try out the following tips to keep up with your commercial fire sprinkler maintenance:

Get Your Maintenance Started Today

Keeping the fire sprinkler system safe can be the difference between life and death and expensive repairs. Remember to keep these commercial fire sprinkler maintenance tips handy, and your system will be acceptable to go. Even though nothing can eliminate the chance of a fire, a properly maintained sprinkler system can keep everyone safer.

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