Household Objects You Didn’t Know Were Flammable

One of the most critical aspects of fire safety is knowing what objects are flammable. If you know something to be flammable, you know to keep it a safe distance from candles and other controlled fires in your home. Many easily combustible household objects are obvious—paper, hair, and loose clothing. But some of them might surprise you. Here are a few commonplace household objects you probably didn’t know were flammable.

Household Objects You Didn’t Know Were Flammable

Make sure to keep these household items away from the flames.

Orange Peels

Oranges are full of water, so the odds of a bowl of fruit bursting into flames are pretty low. Still, you should keep in mind that citrus peels are full of a naturally flammable chemical by the name of limonene. Dried citrus peels are a popular addition to potpourri and other holiday decorations. If you use these yourself, be sure to keep them away from flames such as candles that might tip over.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is more common of a household item now than ever before. Most people carry some in their cars, on their keychains, or elsewhere in their homes. Of course, sanitizer is ubiquitous in commercial spaces now as well.

The active ingredient in most hand sanitizers, ethyl alcohol, is highly flammable. That said, it dries extremely quickly on your hands, and small quantities aren’t likely to burst into flames. But if you do have large amounts stored away somewhere, treat it like you would any other flammable object—with caution.

Lint in Your Dryer

If you don’t regularly clean the lint trap in your dryer, you should. You should do so with every use. Dryer lint is nothing more than a buildup of highly flammable substances such as bits of textiles and hair. Combine this with the fact that dryers are literally built to produce heat, and it’s easy to see why lint is such a fire hazard. Cleaning your lint traps is one of the most essential household fire safety tasks.

Ping Pong Balls

Ping pong balls are a common household object among homeowners and college dorm dwellers alike. If you have these lying around your living space, you should know that they are highly susceptible to flames. This is because they are made out of cellulose.

Coincidentally, cellulose was formerly a fundamental component in film. This is one reason that nitrate film fell out of favor in the movie world.

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