How to Avoid Christmas Tree Fires

Christmas is just a few days away. If you celebrate this holiday yourself, you almost certainly have a Christmas tree lighting up your living space. You are probably also aware that Christmas trees can pose a fairly significant fire risk. We hope that you have an enjoyable and safe holiday season. With this in mind, we’ve laid out some of the best ways to avoid Christmas tree fires.

(Note: for the purpose of this blog post, we will be focusing on real trees. Artificial trees might be safer, but they aren’t completely immune to fire either.)

How to Avoid Christmas Tree Fires

With Christmas just two days away, we thought we’d share a few more tips for preventing Christmas tree fires.

Pick the Right Tree

When it comes to preventing Christmas tree fires, half the battle is picking the right tree. We know—it is a little late to keep these tips in mind this year, but don’t forget them by the time next December rolls around.

What you’re looking for is a fresh tree. These are naturally more resistant to fire. When possible, it’s best to go to a farm and cut down the tree itself; that way, you know it’s fresh. But it’s a lot easier to just pick up a pre-cut tree on occasion. If you’re going this route, follow some of these tips to make sure it’s fresh:

  • Bend the needles. If they snap, they’ve dried out (unless it’s a fir).
  • Lightly bounce the tree on the ground. Make sure it retains its needles.
  • Consider the tree’s color. The deeper the green, the better.

Regular Watering

Everyone is familiar with the fact that water can put out most fires, with a few notable exceptions. The more water circulating throughout your tree, the more resistant it will be to combustion.

A reasonably sized Christmas tree can drink as much as a gallon of water per day, so keep that in mind. The reservoir in which the tree’s trunk is sitting can never dry out. In this way, you should get at least four weeks of life out of your Christmas tree before it’s time to toss it outside.

It’s common practice to give the trunk of the tree one more short cut before you put it in the stand. This is to give the tree the best chance of sucking up water, so be sure you do the same.

Don’t Leave It Lit!

It can be tempting to leave the lights lit on your Christmas tree overnight—especially on Christmas Eve. We understand this temptation, but strongly urge against it. Electrical malfunctions are one of the most common causes of Christmas tree fires.

Treat the lights on your Christmas tree as though they were candles. We know you’d never leave a room in which a lit candle was burning. Follow this same practice when your Christmas tree is lit up.

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