Fire Sprinkler Heads: Which Kind is Best?

Simply put, a fire sprinkler system in your business or home is one of your greatest lines of defense against a fire. But not all fire sprinklers are equal. When selecting the right sprinklers for you, you’ll be faced with a major choice: should you pick quick or standard response fire sprinkler heads? Today, we’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to make that decision.

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When selecting the right sprinklers for you, you’ll be faced with a major choice: should you pick quick or standard response fire sprinkler heads?

Standard Response Sprinkler Heads

Standard response sprinkler heads are far-and-away the most popular option in commercial spaces. You’ll see them in factories, warehouses, and—to a lesser extent—office buildings.  The goal of these sprinklers is not so much to put out the fire per se, but to drench the area around it. This cuts off the fire’s fuel source and prevent it from spreading, giving the fire department ample time to arrive.

Quick Response Sprinkler Heads

Now, let’s take a look at the alternative: quick response sprinkler heads. As you might imagine, these go off slightly more quickly than standard response, which provides an obvious benefit in terms of safety. They achieve this quick response time with a smaller glass bulb than standard. For this reason, they’re more commonly used in residential or otherwise densely populated spaces. These include hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and regular homes.

But there’s more to distinguish quick response sprinkler heads than just response time. These sprinklers aim to drench the walls and ceilings of a room, so as to contain its spread and give people plenty of time to evacuate.

Which Is Best?

Many people assume that quick response sprinkler heads are clearly the better option. But that would be to oversimplify things.

When making the choice between standard and quick response fire sprinkler heads, remember this rule of thumb: quick response is better for lower ceilings and taller buildings, whereas standard response is better for higher ceilings and larger spaces.

Still, you should keep in mind that this is only a rule of thumb, and, like any such ‘rule,’ it has limitations. There is no substitute for the expertise of a professional when it comes to choosing between quick and standard response sprinkler heads for your residential or commercial space.

Quick and Standard Response Fire Sprinkler Heads from Judd Fire Protection

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