Fire Safety: Do Hand Sanitizers Pose a Fire Risk?

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So, how cautious must we be with hand sanitizers regarding fire safety?

You may keep a hand sanitizer bottle in your car or carry it in your purse. If you spend plenty of time thinking about fire safety, you may have found yourself wondering: do hand sanitizers pose a fire risk? This article addresses the flammability of all hand sanitizers and whether or not they pose a fire risk.

Hand Sanitizers Do Pose a Fire Risk

A significant of commercial hand sanitizers have ethyl alcohol as a main ingredient, and all alcohol is flammable. It’s not only flammable in its liquid form. Ethyl alcohol may evaporate at room temperature, converting it into a flammable vapor. But many objects we use daily are flammable, which doesn’t necessarily make them hazardous. A couple of examples include orange peels, ping pong balls, and nail polish. So, how cautious must we be with hand sanitizers regarding fire safety?

How Significant is the Fire Risk?

Although hand sanitizers can be flammable, that does not necessarily signify they are a huge fire risk. Still, you should use caution just as you would with other flammable substances. If you have significant quantities of hand sanitizer stored in your home, you should treat it like other flammable substances. So, store it in a cool, well-ventilated area with easy access to a fire extinguisher. Also, keep it away from anything that can possibly ignite so that you can put it out of mind.

Fire Safety Tips

Make sure to store hand sanitizer out of the reach of children and pets. Children should only use it with adult supervision. Remember these fire safety tips:

  • Keep hand sanitizer out of your eyes.
  • Utilize it in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not consume hand sanitizer, especially for toddlers, who might be attracted by the brightly colored bottles and their pleasant smell.
  • Beware of alcohol-based hand sanitizers that are packaged in containers that might appear as drinks or food.
  • Avoid using these products on your pets; do not allow them to swallow hand sanitizer.
  • Keep in mind that hand sanitizer is flammable, so keep it away from flames and heat. When using the alcohol-based liquid, rub your hands until they feel dry before completing activities involving heat, static electricity, or open flames.

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