Fire Safety: Avoid a Dryer Fire at Home

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This article focuses on a domestic fire threat that most homeowners often overlook: dryer fire.

Countless house fires occur yearly, claiming more lives than any fire type. Fortunately, we can minimize our risk of becoming house fire victims by following the best fire safety practices. This article focuses on a domestic fire threat that most homeowners often overlook: dryer fire.

How is a Dryer Fire Problematic?

Most house fires begin in the kitchen, so most people know the best fire safety practices when cooking. However, the flammability of dryer lint is less well-known. Do you know some people like using dryer lint as a recycled fire starter? However, it can become a fire risk when lint builds up in your dryer. As your dryer heats up, the lint can burst. This is how a dryer fire begins. So, how can we prevent a dryer fire in our homes?

Clean Out the Lint Trap

The most essential task you can do to minimize your risk of a dryer fire significantly is constantly cleaning your lint trap. In fact, you must do this after every laundry load that passes through your dryer. Eventually, you will get into the habit of doing this after every few loads. Even worse, some people only do so once they notice their clothing is not drying as well. So, now is an excellent time to change your ways and begin cleaning out the lint trap after every single laundry load.

Replace the Aluminum Foil Duct if You Have One

Your dryer must be connected to a vent in the back, and there is a duct that does so. On many dryers, this duct is a form of an accordion-style aluminum foil tube. These are popular because they are affordable, but they can be hazardous. Unfortunately, aluminum foil ducts make it easy for dryer lint fires to occur. This is because they can be crushed or sag. There are also plastic varieties that can pose the same issue. It’s advisable that you invest in another if you have this duct type. Look into rigid or semi-rigid metal ducts.

Clean Out the Duct Yearly

Do you remember the last time you cleaned out your dryer duct? Over time, lint will fill up the duct and form a blockage. One sign of this will be if you don’t notice steam emerging from the vent outside in the winter while your dryer is operating. To further reduce a dryer fire at home, you should clean out this duct at least once yearly.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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