Fire Prevention: How Do Smoke Alarms Work?

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Understanding how smoke alarms work is critical to understanding how they may protect your family and home.

Do you know how many smoke alarms are installed in your home right now? It might be hard to understand how crucial fire alarms are until you need them to function. Consequently, equipping your home with the ideal fire alarms and ensuring they work correctly can make a huge difference in any situation for your humble abode. However, properly handling your smoke alarms can be a lifesaver. Keep reading to learn how smoke alarms work to protect your family and home from a fire.

Functionality of Smoke Alarms

Understanding how smoke alarms work is critical to understanding how they may protect your family and home. Also, two different smoke alarm types work to provide protection: photoelectric and ionization. With a photoelectric smoke alarm, you use an infrared light beam with a light-emitting diode and a photocell. In contrast, an ionization smoke alarm uses chemistry to sense any smoke in the home. Ultimately, both types of smoke alarms will function when smoke enters the detector, triggering the alarm.

Maintaining Your Smoke Alarm

Despite your fire alarm type, both types will require proper maintenance. Since smoke alarms are the first line of defense in a fire, maintaining them over the years is imperative to your safety and those who live with you. In addition, everyone in your home must recognize the sound of your smoke alarm and hear it from their bedrooms. Plus, smoke alarm safety only works when they are properly maintained. Try out the following tips to keep them in proper working order:

  • Test units monthly.
  • Install new batteries when the low-battery warning alarm sounds or at least once yearly.
  • Clean fire alarms routinely by vacuuming them with a brush attachment.
  • Replace your smoke alarms every decade to achieve maximum performance.

Bottom Line

Overall, nothing is worse than a smoke detector or a fire alarm that doesn’t function properly. In fact, it might be terrible not to keep your smoke alarms in great shape. So, having professionals routinely maintain your smoke alarms is the first step in taking proactive measures toward caring for your fire alarms throughout your home.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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