A Checklist to Make Sure That You’re Fire Inspection Ready: Part Two

If your building is not fire inspection ready, then give us a call

Last week we stressed the importance of making sure that your commercial site is fire inspection ready. We had so many tidbits to share that we couldn’t find a way to fit it all in one blog. Now, we’re offering you a part two to make sure that your building is ready when the fire marshal rolls around. 

How Are Combustible Liquids Stored? 

Combustible liquids and materials are a fire hazard and can cause a fire emergency. Therefore, you need to make sure that they have safe, proper storage. They can fuel a fire and pose a severe risk to your establishment. Storing them in a fireproof cabinet reduces the risk of a fire spreading quickly, and causing a lot of damage to your property. More importantly, you want to prevent the loss of life. 

How Many Occupants Are in Your Building at Any Given Time? 

You should always know the maximum occupancy limits. These limits exist for a reason. If a commercial site is too crowded, then all occupants may not be able to make their way to safety if a fire emergency happens. This thought is devastating. Anyone in your building should be able to evacuate the building safely in a timely fashion. You can receive a citation if you’re not following this rule. Different structures have different purposes. Therefore, there are particular occupancy specifications that your building must meet to pass an inspection. Make sure you know what they are. 

Are Your Electrical Sockets OverLoaded? 

Overloading your electrical sockets is indeed a fire hazard that will cause you to fail a fire inspection. Plugging too many power strips in the same location is indeed citation-worthy. Breaking this rule could cause a breaker to blow, create a power outage, make your expensive equipment stop working, and result in sparks that turn into a fire emergency. 

Are Your Electrical Panels Accessible?

Electrical panels within a building often need regular maintenance. If anything is obstructing the accessibility of your panels, then you should address this ASAP. Also, make sure that you don’t have flammable objects, such as cardboard boxes too close to the electrical panels. They have a live current coursing through them, so move anything combustible away from them.

Is your building not fire inspection-ready? Then give us a call. We’re experts at commercial fire safety, and we can make sure your building is fire marshal ready. 

Commercial Fire Safety from Judd Fire Protection

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