Christmas and Fire Safety: What You Should Know

Fire safety should always come first, even during the holidays

It seems as if Thanksgiving was merely a few days ago, and now Christmas is here! Boy, how time flies. During the holidays, you can look forward to spending quality time with your family. The holiday season also means that you can look forward to a lot of festive decorating. Here we believe fire safety should always come first, even during the holidays. Here are some life-saving fire safety tips that you should be aware of during Christmas.

How to Promote Fire Safety Regarding Christmas Trees and Lights

A holiday mistake that you don’t want to make is overloading too many electrical circuits. It never fails for this to happen each holiday season. Overloading electrical circuits to accommodate for holiday lighting and decorations, as well as cooking appliances can cause an electrical fire or an outage. Here are a few more tips as it regards to lights and the Christmas tree

  • Turn off all lights before you go to bed
  • To avoid your tree catching fire, make sure it’s hydrated
  • Use LED lights
  • Make sure that none of your decorations have exposed wires

How to Promote Fire Safety Regarding Heaters

Winter is known for being bitterly cold. It feels good to have a warm home during the holidays. If you use a space heater, then keep it far away from the Christmas tree so that it won’t lead to a fire emergency. Also, avoid using a space heater with an extension cord. 

Smoke Detectors are Significant

You can never have too many smoke detectors in a home. Make sure that you place a smoke detector in each bedroom. There should also be one in the hall adjacent to each bedroom. Make sure there is also one on every level of your home, especially the basement. The same concept goes for a carbon monoxide detector. 

Handle Candles With Care

If you’re going to use candles, use them with caution. Never leave them unattended or place them in a way where they could fall. If you want to add a warm ambiance to the room but promote fire safety, then you can replace traditional candles with battery-operated candles. 

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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