When to Replace or Recharge Your Commercial Fire Extinguishers

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It can be challenging to tell when you need to replace or recharge your commercial fire extinguishers.

All companies should have many fire protection products in their buildings. And commercial fire extinguishers are one of them. In addition to having this type of fire prevention method, the business owner must ensure their commercial fire extinguisher functions at all times. Also, it can be challenging to tell when you need to replace or recharge your commercial fire extinguisher. Read on why you need them and how to recognize if they should be replaced or serviced.

The Importance of Having Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Keeping commercial fire extinguishers throughout your building are critical fire protection product. These types of fire prevention methods should always be a part of your fire safety plan. In addition, most fire inspections have regulations regarding commercial fire extinguishers. So, you need these items to pass your fire inspection. Most importantly, these fire extinguishers will protect your building and the people in it in the event of a fire.

Signs You Must Recharge Your Fire Extinguishers

Generally, you should replace your commercial fire extinguishers if there’s something wrong with them. For instance, you should receive new parts for your fire extinguishers if the current components have damage or missing parts. Additionally, the primary signs your commercial fire extinguishers need service is after you have used them and must be recharged. Also, you must always recharge it if you’ve used it in your building to be ready for the “next time.”

Signs You Need a Fire Extinguisher Replacement

Furthermore, there are unique signs that it’s time to replace your commercial fire extinguishers. These signs include:

  • The hose is clogged or cracked
  • There is a broken pin
  • The expiration date has passed
  • The fire extinguisher is losing pressure
  • Also, there is a broken handle
  • There is damage to the shell
  • You’ve kept the extinguisher for more than 12 years

The Risks of Not Inspecting Your Fire Extinguishers

Local regulations likely need you to test your commercial fire extinguishers periodically. So, if a fire protection service company does not complete an inspection, you might not be complying with local regulations. Most importantly, you’ll be unable to exhaust the fire if your fire extinguisher doesn’t function. Therefore, fire extinguisher inspections are critical.

Make sure your commercial fire extinguishers operate well, and call Judd Fire Protection to receive an inspection immediately!

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