What Triggers False Fire Alarms?

judd fire protection false fire alarms

A system malfunction is one of the most prevalent causes of false fire alarms.

Fire alarms are vital to keeping your home or business safe. False fire alarms may disrupt your business, causing you to lose money and draining fire response team resources. They could also cause the fire department to respond to a false alarm rather than an actual emergency somewhere else. Once false fire alarms become regular, they become a significant inconvenience. So, it’s essential to know what causes false fire alarms and ensure your system functions correctly to avoid these headaches.

Malfunctioning System

A system malfunction is one of the most prevalent causes of false fire alarms. Your fire alarm may malfunction because the system’s internal workings are aging and must be replaced. Remember, most detectors should be replaced every ten to fifteen years. However, you don’t have to wait until the recommended replacement time. Also, replace your fire alarm when the components fail and trigger false alarms.

Falsely Activate Smoke Detectors

Things such as steam, cooking fumes, and cigarette smoke may falsely activate smoke detectors. So, it’s vital that all building occupants know the detectors’ location when experiencing smoke when cooking. In addition, a fire protection company should always inspect fire detectors that are overly sensitive to ensure they work correctly. The experts at Judd Fire Protection can guide you on how often your specific fire alarm system must receive an inspection. Contact us to get a free quote!


Many might be unaware that insects can lodge themselves inside fire alarms. Once inside, insects could set off the alarm by interfering with the sensors. So, make sure to open up your smoke detector to view any bugs crawling around inside.

Manual Error

Another prevalent cause of false fire alarms is vandalism to emergency alarms. Some people purposely vandalize fire alarms, so place them in secure areas not prone to vandalism. But accidents happen, and these alarms may be triggered by mistake, so plan your fire system installation to avoid any problems.

Low-Quality Installation or Products

Consider investing in reliable brands and well-made fire alarm systems because it could save you time and money. Since many false fire alarms are due to low-quality fire alarms, incorrect placement, and poor installation, selecting your supplier carefully is vital. Research the best brands and hire a seasoned fire protection company to install your devices before committing to a fire alarm system.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

If you want to ensure your home and business are safe throughout the year, trust Judd Fire Protection, LLC. We have over two decades of experience designing, installing, inspecting, and repairing residential and commercial fire protection systems. We serve clients throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia. If you are interested in finding out more about our services and protecting your home and business, give us a call at 410-871-3480.

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