Fire Prevention: Hosting a Safe Thanksgiving

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Consider fire prevention during this joyous time, especially when there are high traffic and people at home.

Preparing for and actually hosting Thanksgiving Dinner can be overwhelming, especially without having to experience the fallout from a fire. Unfortunately, the risks are high of having a home fire during Thanksgiving. Unattended cooking is typically the leading factor in fires and deaths. Consider fire prevention during this joyous time, especially when there are high traffic and people at home.

Kitchen Safety

While it’s tempting to quickly pick up something you forgot to buy at the store or check on your guests, please stay in the kitchen while cooking on the stovetop. Another reason to stay in the kitchen is that children might be tempted to taste the food unsupervised and get burned by the hot liquids or surfaces. In addition, ensure that anything that can catch fire, like curtains, towels, and oven mitts, is away from your stovetop.

Moreover, ensure the kitchen floor is clear of clutter-like toys. Another fire prevention tip is to keep possibly dangerous items on the counter out of reach, like knives or a plate warmer. Most importantly, avoid leaving kids alone in a room with a lit candle because they might knock it over when playing.

Ensure You Have Functioning Smoke Alarms

You can determine whether your smoke alarms are working by testing them via the test button. If you don’t usually change your smoke alarm batteries when you change your clocks in autumn and spring, please change the batteries before Thanksgiving.

Knowing How to Put Out Minor Cooking Fires

If you have a minor cooking fire and choose to fight the fire, smother the flames by placing a lid over the pan and turning the burner off. Also, leave the pan covered until it’s completely cold. For an oven fire, close the door and turn off the heat. If you are uncertain about fighting a small fire, get out! Make sure to close the door behind you after you leave so you can contain the fire, and call 9-1-1.

Educate Children that Hot Things Can Burn

Teach children that hot things may burn, including hot steam and liquid. Plus, place hot beverages and food in the center of a table or toward the back of a counter. Additionally, children should be 3 feet away from a working stove and areas where hot food or drinks are prepared or carried.

For more fire prevention tips, read this blog for more knowledge!

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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